Samsung Develops Industry’s First 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM Chip

Samsung Develops Industry’s First 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM Chip

It joins the 10nm-class 16GB GDDR6 DRAM (December 2017), and 16GB DDR5 DRAM (February 2018) premium lineup.

Samsung has successfully tested and validated its prototype 8GB LPDDR5 DRAM package with its partners. 'We will continue to expand our next-generation 10nm-class DRAM lineup as we accelerate the move toward greater use of premium memory across the global landscape.

Compared to devices that use LPDDR4X chips, the 8GB LPDDR5 DRAM module offers a data rate which is up to 1.5 times faster.

Samsung's new DRAM will be available in two bandwidths: 6,400Mb/s, at a 1.1 operating voltage, and 5,500Mb/s at 1.05V. As an example of its speed, it can transfer 51.2GB or 14 full-HD video files in a just one second. The new chip sets the stage for the transition to LPDDR5 which is more capable for AI-powered mobile applications. With various improvements in power-saving and speed, this low-power next-gen memory is eventually set to take over from the LPDDR4X memory standard now ruling the roost.

Power consumption has been reduced with Samsung's new LPDRR5 tech, with a new "deep sleep mode" that slices the power consumption to half of what current LPDDR4X offers in "idle mode", which is impressive. Thanks to these low-power features, the 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM will deliver power consumption reductions of up to 30 percent, maximizing mobile device performance and extending the battery life of smartphones.

Samsung claims that the 8 Gb LPDDR5 module yields 6.4 Gbps per pin, which translates into 25.6 GB/s bandwidth for a 32-bit bus or up to 50% increased performance over the current LPDDR4 standard.

DDR5 as a standard is still a little way off yet, and LPDDR5 is really a much bigger deal for mobile devices than their desktop counterparts.