Plane quarantined at New York's JFK airport

Plane quarantined at New York's JFK airport

Emirates airline said they included seven crew members and three passengers.

Passengers who were not ill were allowed to continue with their travel plans, he said.

The Press Secretary for Mayor Bill de Blasio, Eric Phillips, tweeted that the mayor received a preliminary briefing and the plane has been quarantined.

Ten people have tested positive for influenza after being hospitalized when their plane landed at Kennedy Airport, the mayor's office announced Thursday.

Health officials in NY are awaiting the outcome of tests after 10 passengers on an Emirates flight from Dubai were taken to hospital.

In this frame from video, a person walks off an Emirates plane at JFK International Airport to a waiting bus in NY, as emergency response crews gather outside the plane amid reports of ill passengers aboard a flight from Dubai.

A traveler in the business section of the aircraft, Raghida Dergham, said in an interview that sick passengers were in a "lower level" economy section of the plane. The A380 is the world's largest passenger aircraft.

At least 10 people were taken to a hospital. The Centers for Disease Control, however, said that of the 549 people on board 11 people had been taken to the hospital.

Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on #EK203 from Dubai to NY were taken ill.

After disembarking, Coben said, passengers had their temperatures taken.

NPR's Rob Stein reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working with local authorities to investigate the unspecified illnesses aboard Flight 203 and will provide additional information when it is available.

As Gothamist writer Jake Offenhartz noted, though, Mr. Ice in fact probably arrived on a later Emirates Airlines flight that was scheduled to land at 2:15 p.m.